Medicine Hat, Alberta is situated along the Trans-Canada highway in southeastern Alberta. It is approximately 300 km east of Calgary and 145 km north of the Montana border. With a population of just over 60,000, it is the 6th largest city in Alberta. And it is known as the SUNNIEST CITY IN CANADA!


In early 2010 Oliver Shane Edwards, his wife Cheryl and their 6 children (all boys) moved to Medicine Hat from the Vancouver suburbs to begin laying a foundation for this new work. Oliver, a native Albertan had long desired to return to his home soil, and the prosepct of being able to do so while following God's plan for his life was the ultimate joy.

Bart and Elizabeth, along with their 3 children, will be joining the Edwards family in Medicine Hat in the early part of 2011. Once there, the two families will continue to pray, plan and prospect for the best way to launch the new minsitry; hopefully for the fall of 2011. 




The church plant effort in Medicine Hat is the 4th project for GBCanada. GBCanada has a vision to see 20 reproducing churches planted in the major urban areas of Canada by the year 2020.

For more information about GBCanada and its philosophies and objectives, please visit the website: www.gbcanada.ca




PRAY The work at hand is absolutely the work of God. We are completely dependent on His grace and guidance to make this church plant happen. Please subscribe to our e-mail list so that we can keep you apprised of our specific prayer requests. bblair@gbcanada.ca

COME Each summer, since 1997, GBCanada has hosted a short-term mission opportunity called the Great Canadian Adventure. This is an exciting cross-cultural training opportunity for your church. For information on how you and your team can get involved, please visit www.canadadianadventure.org where you can get info and dates for the next planned events.

GIVE One of the obvious challenges for the Blair family in the mix of this life-changing transition is the cost involved. Not only are there expenses for a cross-continent move, but, at this time, there is no financial base from which Bart can draw a salary. He will be seeking part-time employment in Medicine Hat, however the family goal is to raise as much supprt as possible to enable him to have more time free for ministry with less time devoted to non-ministry work. If you are able to assist with a monthly pledge, or even a one-time gift, please visit the GBCanada website and take note of the ways which you are able to make charitable contributions.