It’s Your Ship

It's Your Ship Book Cover It's Your Ship
D. Michael Abrashoff
Business & Economics
Grand Central Publishing
October 15, 2007

We have to get the mission accomplished with limited resources. The only way to do this is with a ruthlessly efficient organization. - Mike Abrashoff @APG_Leadership Click To Tweet
I first heard of Captain Abrashoff and this book when he was interviewed on the EntreLeadership Podcast (Episode 186).

I was intrigued by his story and the book was not a disappointment.

Captain Abrashoff's culture of empowerment aboard the USS Benfold is an amazing example of how a leader can effectively build a team that takes pride and ownership in its work and excel beyond standard expectations. job was to create the climate that enabled people to unleash their potential. Given the right environment, there are few limits to what people can achieve. - Mike Abrashoff, @APG_Leadership ‏ Click To Tweet
I also really appreciate the fact that Captain Abrashoff is a leader who is never satisfied with the status quo. He bucked trends and went against conventional thinking in a military system known for being rigid and unwavering in its rules and structures.
The true measure of how well you did on your watch is the legacy you hand your successors. - Mike Abrashoff @APG_Leadership Click To Tweet