5 Assumptions About God

5 Assumptions About God and Why They Are Wrong Book Cover 5 Assumptions About God and Why They Are Wrong
Jeff Bogue
Broadstreet Publishing
October 1, 2016

Most of us form our view of God through some type of religious experience as interpreted by the people around us. - Jeff Bogue @TakingOneStep Click To Tweet
Pastor Jeff is a leader within the fellowship of churches in which I serve. I have known of him for many years, but until I picked up his book, did not know much about his personal story of faith.

It is probably the fact that I share a similar church upbringing to Pastor Jeff that his book resonated with me.
Many times Jesus is presented as someone who helps children not have bad dreams, or the person children sing 'Happy Birthday' to at Christmastime. People often talk about children’s need for Jesus. - Jeff Bogue @TakingOneStep Click To Tweet
Essentially, this is an apologetics book. It is simple to read provides essential insights into many common misunderstandings of Jesus and the Christian faith.

It is ideal for someone who grew up with some church background but who has resisted a life of faith because of legalism or hypocrisy in the church.
I don’t have much interest in following a God in order to learn to be nice to people. I can probably figure that one out on my own or by watching a few episodes of Sesame Street. - Jeff Bogue @TakingOneStep Click To Tweet